Why Niveau Drive?

Why Niveau Drive?

Low Maintenance

The gearbox is fully sealed, so there are less components exposed to the elements. The system requires minimal maintenance and ensures a longer lifespan.

Automatic and Manual Designs

The transmission is fully automatic and has been precisely tuned to maximise rider efficiency and minimise rider fatigue, making everyday riders, stronger riders. Gears can also be shifted manually.

Low-cost Design

Low-cost Design

Niveau Drive is a product of Cape Bouvard Technologies, a company with extensive engineering experience. The transmission design is simple, using common bicycle components like chains and sprockets, for mass production at low cost.

Constant Mesh Design

Say hello to smooth cycling. With no need for derailleurs and no sliding gears, there’s less friction and wear and tear than on typical bicycle drivetrains.


Our design is perfectly suited to both electric and non-electric bicycles designs.The system also offers excellent ground clearance, so it’s perfect for mountain bikes, fleet bikes and ATVs.

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